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What we do

Advise the initial group of founders

Brand strategy 

Ethical charter


Annual Corporate Responsibility Report

From 2008 to 2014,  we have been advising  COSMEBIO, the French Association for natural and organic beauty and health care. 

 In 2018,  380 European companies have joined the  COSMEBIO  initiative, now under the COSMOS umbrella.

They certify their products against the standards developed by COSMOS.

What we do

Standard initiative and development

Organisation &  gouvernance

Communication and diffusion amongst food producers and distributors


Insecticides  (incl. neo-nicotinoïds) ravage the hives.

The BEE FRIENDLY standard has been developed by good. gathering the French Union of beekeepers along side with the Fresh Agronomy Institute.

BEE FRIENDLY certifies that the agricultural productions have significantly reduced their impact on the ecosystem - and precisely on pollinators.


What we do

Standard initiative and development

Organisation  & gouvernance

Strategic partnership with the French Health Watchers Association which measures the impact of environment on health

Development in the  various markets concerned by the standard (Paediatrics, ...)


There is a boom in civilisation diseases such as cancers and allergies, …

Causes are numerous.

Some substances inhalated or drank or eaten are spotted by the scientific community.

The SAFELIFE initiative applies the prevention principle, in full accordance with the Scandinavian or American NGOs in that field. 

SAFELIFE standards ban substances which are suspected suc as endocrine disruptors, nano-ingredients or allergens.


What we do

Coordination with European agencies 

Sectors training

Institutional communication

good. is one of the experts sélecte by the European Commission to advise the développement of the European guide for best practices in Agriculture. part of the biodiversity team of the LIFE European initiative.


What we do

Strategic consultancy


LE BLÉ DE NOS CAMPAGNES is the initiative of a group of producers and distributeurs of wheat and wheat-based products.

It aims at setting supériorité standards in the most secured food sector : infant food. It insures both the highest possible quality level and a high attention to environmental impacts.

good. has worked with LE BLÉ DE NOS CAMPAGNES during 5 years.


What we do

Strategic consultancy

Standards oritentation


VERGER DE LA BLOTTIÈRE has introduced the blue tit in its orchards to control the phytosanitary pressure.

VERGER DE LA BLOTTIÈRE is one of the 13 founders of DEMAIN LA TERRE initiative aiming at an ecological agriculture.

good. has  developed theDEMAIN LA TERRE initiative during 4 years.