What does mean your agency name ?

It encapsulates different meanings : what is ethical, a quality appraisal and also a consumption good.

You have developed new standards but... they are already many of them

Right, many standards . They are generated by the norme which rule each and every sector.

No, not so many standards. The ratio between brands and standards is 1 to 300.

This perception of a crowd of standards is highlighted by the attention paid  to the standards commitments.

Consumers know they say the truth - which may not always be the case with brands.

They are a sort of super -brands.

What do you do exactly ?

We advise, design and develop alternative brands which some of them have now become industry leaders.

We have experimented and learn from these experiences a know-how.

To bring the reflexion further, we have developed a series of research tools.

Our expertise is the analysis, research and development of alternative brands.

Who is in your team ?

We build mixed teams : project managers, engineers  and designers.